Steps to Follow According to a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Orange, VA

Bicycling is a cost-effective way to get around and it provides great exercise. However, it also includes some dangers. Anyone who has been injured during a bike ride may need to work with a bicycle accident attorney in Orange, VA to get the compensation they deserve. The attorneys of Gayheart & Willis have experience in protecting cyclists’ rights and can ensure that their clients are treated fairly. The following are some steps to follow after an accident to ensure legal protection.

Call for Help

Those who are involved in an accident should always call 911. While the cyclist may look or feel okay at the scene, personal injuries can develop over time. If for some reason first responders didn’t evaluate while at the scene, be sure and see a doctor. Having a police record and the medical report shows the connection between the accident and the injuries. This is not a time to negotiate off the record with drivers or other cyclists. When working with the police, all statements are official and become admissible as evidence.

Gather Information

Whether the accident was with a vehicle or another cyclist, write down all their contact information as well as insurance information. If there are witnesses, get their contact info too. Besides having the police report, make notes about where the accident occurred and why it happened. All these details will be critical in court. A bicycle accident attorney in Orange, VA can use the information to help build a case.

Don’t Repair Anything

Don’t have the bike, helmet or any other equipment repaired. This should all be treated as evidence. In court, it will show how severe the collision was and support the written details. Also, take photos of everything and keep those. Having this type of information will greatly increase the chances of receiving compensation and having the equipment replaced and cover medical bills.

No matter what, don’t downplay the seriousness of an accident. Many times, injuries don’t appear immediately. There is no reason to be stuck with medical bills when someone else is at fault. Those in need of a bicycle accident attorney can visit for additional information or to schedule a consultation.

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