A Workers Compensation Lawyer in Granite City IL Can Help Victims of Workplace Violence

If a person suffers an injury due to workplace violence, they may be eligible to receive worker’s compensation benefits. It does not matter whether the violent act was committed by a manager, employee, customer or visitor, the worker will be covered. According to OSHA, over two million people are victims each year, and workplace violence is defined as any threat or act of violence, harassment, or intimidation. In this guide, clients can learn which factors affect the risk of violence, and how a Workers Compensation Lawyer Granite City IL can help them move on after they’ve been victimized.

Factors Increasing the Risk of Workplace Violence

According to OSHA, certain factors may increase the chance of violence for workers in certain jobs and places. These factors include the following:

  • Working in a job where money changes hands
  • Working with unstable, volatile people
  • Working in isolation or alone
  • Providing services and care
  • Working in a place that serves alcohol

Location and time of work, such as working in an area with a high crime rate or working at night

Along with workers who receive and hand over money, healthcare professionals, delivery drivers, public service workers, law enforcement personnel and customer service representatives are at a greater risk of workplace violence.

Factors Minimizing the Risk of Workplace Violence

Employers can reduce the risk of workplace violence and injury by taking a proactive stance and following these tips:

  • Setting up and enforcing a no-tolerance policy on workplace violence that covers workers, visitors, customers, contractors, clients and patients
  • Using screening processes to eliminate job candidates with violent histories
  • Enforcing a no-weapons policy at work
  • Installing a security system and taking other steps to discourage crime at work

Creating an assistance program that allows workers to get professional help before they take their anger out on fellow employees

While the above tips can be helpful, they may not prevent all forms of workplace violence. If someone is injured in such a case, they can visit or call the Brunton Law Offices to speak to a Workers Compensation Lawyer Granite City IL. During an initial consultation, the lawyer and client can discuss the situation, potential legal remedies and the likelihood of receiving worker’s comp benefits.

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