Understanding the Types of Bonds Offered Through a Bondsman in Pontiac

by | Sep 21, 2018 | Bail Bonds

Watch crime shows on TV and you likely have an unrealistic understanding of bail and how much you will need to put up to secure the release of your loved one. Furthermore, you may wonder how people come up with this type of cash. Fortunately, a Bondsman in Pontiac can be of help in this situation. However, you must first be aware of the different types of bond.

Cash Bonds

No bondsman is needed with a cash bond. Either family and friends put up the full amount in cash or some courts now allow the use of a credit card for this purpose. Bail may be set extremely high, however, as the judge wishes to ensure the defendant doesn’t flee. If the bail is supplied to the court, the defendant returns home and must show up for all court hearings. In the event he or she does, the money is returned upon sentencing or dismissal of the charges.

Surety Bonds

A bondsman is needed for a surety bond. He or she guarantees the funds to the court in the event the defendant fails to show for one or more court appearances. Any money paid by the bondsman in this situation will be forfeited if the defendant cannot be located and made to appear before the court. A fee is required to make use of this service, and the amount is typically limited by state law.

Property Bonds

With this type of bond, collateral is provided to allow the defendant to leave jail until his or her court hearing. This property may be in the form of real estate, a vehicle title or another asset. A lien is placed against the asset, and this lien will be due if the defendant skips town.

Regardless of the type of bail, the defendant must show up for all court appearances or the funds will be forfeited. For this reason, anyone offering to secure the bond must feel confident the defendant will live up to his or her end of the agreement. If you believe this is the case and need the help of a Bondsman in Pontiac, contact EZ1 Bail Bonds. They will help you obtain the bail money to have your loved one home again in a very short period of time. Follow us on Twitter.

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