An Accident Attorney in Roseville, CA Helps Circumvent Unfavorable Insurance Company Tactics

One important reason to hire an accident attorney in Roseville, CA is because these lawyers understand the different strategies insurance companies use to successfully deny claims for financial compensation, or to pay out unreasonably low settlements. This is in the insurer’s best interests, of course, but it can leave an injured person without the resources to manage financial obligations and have time to regain full physical functioning. Insurance companies often respond more favorably once an attorney gets involved, as they want to avoid the expense and hassle of a court trial.

An injured person might receive correspondence from the insurer stating that he or she was partially to blame for the accident, and that is why the claim is being denied. However, an accident attorney in Roseville, CA knows that California recognizes comparative negligence when considering whether an injured person deserves financial compensation. In court, a judge would rule on how much compensation should be reduced because of the injured person’s culpability in the accident, but compensation would not be denied outright.

Another tactic involves discovering a pre-existing condition and assuming that any alleged new injury is related to that previous disorder. The person may have previously sought treatment or received workers’ compensation for back pain, for example, so compensation for back pain related to an accident may be denied because of this.

The insurer also might express skepticism about the injury if the person did not seek medical attention for a day or two, and did not complain of pain to police officers at the scene. This should not matter, however, because in many cases, symptoms of an injury do not appear at first. The individual may be too shook up at first to even realize medical care is advisable; in addition, it’s common for muscle or other pain to develop overnight, as the individual becomes stiff from lying in one position for several hours.

Attorneys with an organization such as Sevey Donahue & Talcott Law Firm can help an individual in any of these situations. Accident attorneys typically provide free initial consultations and case evaluations, so there is nothing to lose by contacting the firm for an appointment.

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