Are you Prepared for Your SSI Benefits Application?

Applying for SSI in Maryland is a very confusing and often frustrating process. You are likely to lose some sleep worrying over if you have everything that you need or not. While the whole ordeal is certainly a stressful process, there are plenty of resources available to you to try to make getting the benefits you deserve easier. Your attorney will help you gather the documentation you will need when applying, but it’s a good idea to know what you are in store for before even going to your attorney.

There are a number of documents you will need to apply for SSI, ranging from the mundane expected items to the specific. One document you will need is your birth certificate or proof of birth. You will also need a separate document proving your United States citizenship or proof of lawful alien status if you are not yet a citizen. You will also need your W-2s and tax return forms from the previous year. You also need to complete the Adult Disability Report from which can be found online or through the SSA office. This form will compile information about your illness and your work history and will become essential in the review of your applications. You will also need all medical documentation about your disability. Every illness has different requirements of what you need to prove that you are disabled, but getting all of your documents together and having your attorney find the necessary ones is a viable strategy. Some of the medical documents you will need include, lab results, doctor’s reports, and medical history reports. If you don’t have all the forms you need, try going to the hospital or doctor and see if they have copies you can have. You will also need pay stubs and any other benefits, like award letters or settlements to establish the amount of compensation you are receiving. So while applying for SSI in Maryland may seem daunting, with knowledge and help from your lawyer it can be done rather easily.

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