Common Misconceptions About a Criminal Defense Attorney in Angola, Indiana

If one has never hired a criminal attorney with Grimm & Grimm before, one may be reluctant because of the stereotypes surrounding lawyers. Movies, TV, and the news spread myths and misconceptions about defense attorneys every day, and many people think they’re all alike. Below is an attempt to debunk some of these myths about criminal defense lawyers.

Public Defenders Are Just as Effective

This simply isn’t true. A public defender should be used as a last resort, and they defend those who can’t afford to hire their own legal counsel. While a public defender is indeed a licensed attorney, they have a minimal stake in the client’s case. Moreover, they often have a heavy caseload, which makes their availability and attention very scarce.

All Attorneys are the Same

Just as in other industries, some are better at their jobs than others are. Some attorneys receive more education and on-the-job experience, and some have better win-loss records. All of these factors should be considered when choosing a criminal defense attorney in Angola, Indiana, and one should hire the best lawyer one can afford.

Lawyers Only Work in the Courtroom

While an attorney is there for court dates, most of their work is done outside the courtroom. Lawyers meet with clients to discuss cases, they go out to find evidence, they formulate strategies, and they put countless hours into a case before it ever makes it to court.

Expensive = Better

There’s a wide range of prices amongst criminal attorneys. Some are relatively affordable, and some can only be had by the powerful and rich. However, a lawyer’s fees don’t make them better at what they do. To determine an attorney’s true worth, evaluate experience over pricing.

Attorneys are Unethical

Everyone has heard jokes about sleazy lawyers, but there are numerous negative stereotypes about criminal attorneys. While a defense lawyer’s job is to defend the client to the best of their ability, they do so while upholding the law and providing a fair, adequate defense.

Clients shouldn’t be reluctant to work with criminal attorneys, as their assistance can be very beneficial. A good lawyer can lower one’s penalties and fines, keep a client out of jail, and possibly get charges reduced or eliminated. Those needing a solid defense should browse through this website and call a criminal defense attorney in Angola, Indiana, right away.

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