Contacting an Auto Accident Attorney in Tucson

If a motorist is involved in a vehicular accident, getting help immediately after the incident is necessary. There are several phone calls to make after an accident occurs. Here are some of the people to contact right after an automobile accident happens.

Call Local Law Enforcement

It is important to call 911 to alert police in the area about the accident. They will dispatch an officer to the scene. This police worker will do an evaluation of the accident and write up a report detailing their findings. Be sure to obtain a copy of this information, as it will be useful in a court of law to help to prove how the accident occurred. A police officer is also needed on the scene to divert traffic away from the vehicles involved in the accident.

Get Medical Assistance

A call to 911 will lead to a dispatcher asking if anyone needs medical help. It is best to accept this assistance even if injuries are not immediately recognized. A doctor will do an evaluation of the people involved in the vehicle. If intervention is required, following doctor’s orders is best so healing is likely. Get copies of any documentation about injuries and the methods used to relieve them. Give these to an attorney to evaluate the documentation, as the information is needed if a court case is imminent.

Let the Insurance Company Know

The insurance company that covers the vehicle involved in the accident needs to be contacted. They will send an adjuster to check the vehicle for any damage incurred. This evaluation is helpful in showing who was responsible for the incident’s occurrence, and the information obtained will be necessary if a court case is conducted.

Find an Attorney to Help

Calling an auto accident attorney in Tucson is a must. A lawyer will look at the timeline of events leading up to the accident and will use this information to prove who was at fault for the incident.

Hiring the right auto accident attorney in Tucson is key to a successful win in court. Take a look at for more information.

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