Discussing Your Divorce Case With A Lawyer in Walker, MN

Minnesota divorce laws determine that any couple filing for divorce should live within the state for no less than one hundred eighty days. However, any couples who were married in the state prior to August 1, 2013 aren’t required to fulfill this prerequisite. They must live in the state to allow Minnesota to acquire jurisdiction over the divorce.

Prior Agreements and Arrangements

Divorce proceedings are completed at a quicker rate if the parties find a solution to property division and child custody initially. If the couple has a prenuptial agreement, they could avoid issues related to properties and assets owned prior to the marriage. Typically, couples that have made prior agreements if a divorce occurs could complete this process in a few months.

When the Divorce is Disputed

Early evaluators could step in when an issue arises. These individuals work with the Lawyer in Walker MN for each party to arrive at an amicable resolution. When a divorce is disputed, these evaluators help the parties through mediation to help them reach a decision without a trial. This allows them the opportunity to discuss these issues in a controlled environment.

Child Custody and Support

All parents who file for divorce are required to attend a parenting education course after the divorce is filed. The program helps the parents to understand how to help their children cope with the divorce. It also helps to assess their existing parenting skills. In some cases, an evaluation is conducted to help the court determine who should acquire custody of the children.

Child support is assigned according to the support table devised by the court. The court reviews the non-custodial parent’s income and evaluates their monthly obligations. At any time, that child support payments are received, the custodial parent could file a claim in the court for contempt.

Divorces that occur within Minnesota must meet the initial prerequisites. This includes identifying whether or not the state has jurisdiction. The petitioner must meet the residency requirements before they file for divorce. To acquire information about a Lawyer in Walker MN practicing family law, Browse our website today.

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