Effectively Advertising Your Firm Online!

In today’s world, we have come to the understanding that the internet has killed television. We go online and Google everything we are looking for, so it is no wonder you should market your business on the internet. Those looking for a lawyer will likely look through a search engine, so for successful advertising, you will need to go where the people are. Learn how to effectively advertise your law firm and drive traffic to your website with these few simple tips.

Blogging is one of the most effective tools for law firm sites. With the world of law leaving so much to explore, a blog about law related topics gives you endless content. Blogging also offers information to people who do not understand certain law terms and principles.

Post a new blog on your site at least once a week, and be consistent with your posts. Not only will you offer education to people who may not know, but you can plug your law firm and present your services if they are seeking an attorney.

Social Media
Social media is arguably the best marketing weapon in your arsenal. With the ability to reach millions of users a day, creating a social media presence is key in getting a potential client’s attention.

Use social media to drive more traffic to your law firm website by adding the site’s link to your posts. You can also post things such as quotes and links to videos and articles that are relevant to the kinds of services your firm offers.

Though social media is a great way to advertise your firm, there is a fine line between marketing and solicitation. Remember to keep your online presence to public posts only. Avoid any gray areas by limiting your contact with potential clients.

State publicly where your firm can be found so any potential clients know to go there for your services. It can be considered solicitation to communicate with clients via real-times chats on the internet or phone, so always remind clients to schedule in-person appointments at your office.

It is important not to respond to legal problems people post online with your services as this can also be considered solicitation. You should also avoid discussing any of your cases online, and be sure your firm team follows the same rules.

When advertising your law firm online, you can highlight some services you offer, including a case review and a personalized defense strategy. Focus on what your team can do and be honest about your services.

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