File a Dog Attack Claim with a Personal Injury Lawyer in University Place

In Washington, pet owners must follow all local laws pertaining to keeping their dogs secure. These requirements are necessary to lower the risk of dog attacks and personal injuries. However, sometimes pet owners don’t follow these requirements and someone is injured. The following are concepts that apply when filing a dog attack claim with a personal injury lawyer in University Place.

Report the Attack

The victim must file a report to notify the animal control officer of the attack. They have the option to call the animal control officer directly or to allow their doctor to manage this requirement. According to Washington state laws, all doctors who treat any injury related to a dog attack must notify the county animal control officer.

Generate Medical Records

The doctor will generate medical records for the victim. These records show the exact nature of the injuries including how they were produced. The doctor must complete an assessment and release this information to the county animal control officer. If the injuries are life-threatening, the animal control officer must take immediate action. This includes issuing a notice to the owner to surrender the animal to a licensed vet for assessment. If the victim contracts rabies from the dog, the dog must be immediately euthanized.

Identify a Strict Liability

A strict liability applies when the animal control officer presents information of previous attacks. Any dog that was involved in a previously-reported attack is considered dangerous. Pet owners who are aware of this probability are held at a strict liability if they failed to prevent a new attack.

What Happens to the Dog?

The animal control officer evaluates the vet’s assessment. If the dog is a risk to the public due to rabies or aggressive behavior, the dog must be euthanized. If the dog doesn’t pose a threat, they are returned to their owner.

In Washington, victims of a dog attack are entitled to compensation for any losses they sustain as a result of these events. This includes medical expenses, lost wages, and awards for pain and suffering. Victims who need help with these cases contact a personal injury lawyer in University Place or visit today.

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