Filing A Claim With An Automobile Accident Lawyer In Tucson, AZ

In Arizona, automobile accidents are a leading cause of death. For those who don’t die of their injuries, there is a high probability of serious and life-altering injuries. For this reason, the state requires at least liability coverage for all vehicle owners in the state. Individuals who cause an accident and aren’t insured could face a lawsuit as well as criminal penalties. An automobile accident lawyer in Tucson, AZ provides the opportunity to file an accident claim.

Clarifying the Accident Report

The accident report provides important details about the accident. It includes all parties that were involved in the accident. The report defines which party was at fault and the exact sequence of events that led to the accident. It is the first piece of evidence for the accident claim.

When Does Comparative Fault Apply?

Comparative fault is a ruling that is used when victims share the blame for the accident. This blame is identified by any moving violation that is committed by the victim or victims. The court uses comparative fault to assign a percentage of blame. Any victim that is 50% to blame or more won’t receive any award through the legal claim.

Any Criminal Charges Associated with an Auto Accident

DUI is the most common criminal charge associated with an auto accident. However, vehicular manslaughter or homicide is an additional charge that could apply. A conviction for either offense could present a higher probability of a successful lawsuit.

What Type of Award is Possible?

The award provided to the victim includes medical expenses and auto repair requirements initially. Any other form of property damage is also paid through the award. If the victim lost wages, they can acquire repayment of these wages. In more severe cases, it is also possible to acquire lifetime earnings if the victim is disabled permanently.

In Arizona, automobile accidents produce serious injuries due to certain circumstances. However, when a driver is to blame for the accident directly, a legal claim is possible. Any drivers who fail to comply with insurance laws and cause an accident are held accountable for their actions. Victims of these accidents contact an automobile accident lawyer in Tucson, AZ through Price and Price Law Office.

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