Follow These Tips and Call a Slip And Fall Accident Lawyer

Second to auto accidents, slip-and-fall accidents are the most common cause of injuries. Those over 55 are more likely to fall, and the cost and injury associated with a fall increases with age. Under state law, homeowners are obligated to ensure the reasonable safety of their property and hosts can be held responsible for visitors’ injuries. Below are several ways to prevent slip-and-fall injuries in the home.

Do a Safety Inspection

Start the safety evaluation process by checking the exterior of the home. Inspect the driveway, walkways and steps; clear any debris and repair damaged surfaces. Make the home safe before visitors enter, and there’s less chance of a slip and fall injury requiring the hiring of a slip and fall accident lawyer.

De-Clutter the Floors

Once inside the home, inspect floors and walkways for trip risks such as shoes, electrical cords, bunched-up area rugs and children’s toys, and use non-slip backing to keep rugs in position. Finish by arranging furniture to create an open pathway in high-traffic areas. This tip is particularly helpful if friends and family with young children will be visiting the home.

Promptly Attend to Spills

Homeowners should clean up slippery spills and liquids right away and allow plenty of time for freshly mopped floors to dry. This is particularly important in springtime, as the rainy season brings more water into the house.

Ensure Adequate Lighting Inside and Out

A safe home is a well-lit one, and homeowners can fulfill their legal obligation to guests by ensuring sufficient lighting on the home’s interior and exterior. If there’s no exterior lighting on the home, offer to walk nighttime guests out to their cars with a flashlight.

Family gatherings can be joyous occasions, but an accidental injury can bring lasting emotional and legal troubles. If someone is injured at a friend or family member’s home because of negligence, or they are on the receiving end of a lawsuit, they should consult a slip and fall accident lawyer at The team will provide competent, professional service to victims and their families, and there is no fee unless the victim recovers. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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