Hiring A Truck Accident Lawyer In Palm Desert, CA

There are over 10-million trucks on U.S. highways at any given time. This is one reason why there are so many trucking accidents. Unfortunately, most of these accidents involve passenger vehicles. A passenger vehicle is no match for a tractor-trailer in size. As a result, accidents can be devastating. A tractor trailer weighs thousands of pounds. Interestingly, a rig is 25-times heavier than a passenger vehicle. The larger a vehicle is, the longer it takes to stop. Thousands of deaths and injuries can be avoided each year.

If you have been hurt, talk to a Truck Accident Lawyer in Palm Desert CA. The lawyer will investigate the case and obtain a fair settlement. Meanwhile, avoid further accidents by keeping a safe distance from trucks. Experts recommend keeping 20 car lengths between yourself and a tractor trailer. Likewise, drive at the legal speed limit. It is easier to avoid accidents if one is not speeding. Everyone should learn how the weather affects driving near a big rig. Ice and snow can blow off a truck and onto your vehicle. Further, it can be dangerous to pass a truck when it is windy. The wind shear from the truck can shake a passenger vehicle. Have you ever been at an intersection with a truck coming the opposite way? Be advised that trucks make wide turns and your car could be in the path.

The Truck Accident Lawyer in Palm Desert CA wants to know why the accident happened. Professionals like Samuel F. Trussell Attorney At Law look at all possibilities. The lawyer must investigate how long the trucker was driving. Federal laws mandate that drivers rest for a certain period of time. Tired drivers have slow reflexes and impaired thinking. Further, drivers spend hours in the truck and do different things to pass the time. They could be distracted by the cell phone or lighting a cigarette. In addition, the lawyer checks whether the rig’s load was distributed properly. An uneven load causes the truck to sway. Whatever the reason, a lawyer finds the liable party. Finally, the client receives adequate compensation for their damages.

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