Hiring an Accident Lawyer in Sacramento, CA

Being injured in a car accident is traumatic. Most people are unaware of what they need to do. First, a victim needs to assess their injuries, find out if anyone else in injured and call 9-1-1. Afterwards, one needs to call their auto insurance company, report the accident and answer their questions. The claim’s office will want to know how the accident happened. Further, they will want to know if it is their insured’s fault. They will also assign a claims adjuster to handle a client’s property damage.

Next, if you are a victim, call an accident lawyer in Sacramento, CA. Victims need to be compensated for medical expenses and other damages. Visit SeveyDonahueTalcott.com and find out how to schedule an appointment. Having a lawyer often helps people cope with an accident investigation. It can be tedious, and people get impatient. Victims have to cooperate with the insurance company including making a recorded statement. Sometimes, two insurance companies are involved, yours and the liable party. Frequently, the liable party’s insurance company pays for property damage. They will need to inspect the vehicle and take pictures. Meanwhile, the claimant should be treated for any injuries. Often, injuries result in time lost from work. Ask the doctor for an excuse to show the employer why you were absent.

An accident lawyer in Sacramento, CA will attempt to settle the case after the client is through treating. It is always best to try and negotiate a settlement. Personal injury trials are risky and take up to two years to come to trial. The lawyer writes what is called a “demand letter.” Usually, the demand is based on a formula. The lawyer requests all the documents in the case including medical bills and verification of lost wages. These are called actual damages. However, sometimes there are non-economic damages like pain and suffering and the experience of the accident. Victims are entitled to compensation for those, as well. The lawyer will send the insurance company the demand. And, in return they will start negotiations. Usually, the parties are able to agree on a figure. Most accident cases are settled before trial.

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