How Personal Injury Attorney In Grand Rapids, MI Manages A Product Liability Claim

In Michigan, manufacturers must test all products before they are released on the market. Federal laws require them to identify any risks through explicit instructions and warning labels. Any failure to present information about risks leads to liabilities. If a consumer is injured, the manufacturer is liable in the absence of warnings. A Personal Injury Attorney in Grand Rapids MI provides legal representation for consumers.

Inspect the Product

The first step is to inspect the product. The attorney must submit the product for testing to identify all risks. Forensic scientists complete the testing and identify all circumstances that could produce an injury. They also assess the packaging to determine if the manufacturer followed federal laws.

Record the Victim’s Injuries and Expenses

All the victim’s injuries are recorded through medical records. These records must be secured for the case. The patient must sign a consent form to obtain the records. The patient must also provide invoices for their medical expenses. This gives the attorney a clear insight into the total value of the patient’s expenses. If they have any ongoing costs, they will need to provide this information to their attorney as well.

Find Other Litigants

The attorney follows necessary protocol to find other litigants who sustained injuries from the same product. If there are more litigants, the case could become a class-action lawsuit. If this is the case, individuals with the most severe injuries attend a trial first.

Contact the Consumer Rights Protection Agency

The Consumer Rights Protection Agency provide assistance for consumers all over the country. They can issue a product recall and remove the product from stores. They can also hold the manufacturer accountable immediately. The recall requires the manufacturer to provide a refund or other action based on the severity of the risk.

In Michigan, manufacturers must follow all federal laws pertaining to risky products. They must correct risks whenever possible. However, if the risks exist under specific conditions only, they can affix warning labels to the product. If they fail to comply, the manufacturer is liable for any injuries produced. Victims of these risks contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Grand Rapids MI at Bleakley Law Offices P C today.

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