Knowing Child Adoption Law In Bethlehem, PA

Adoption can be a daunting process. There are many laws to follow to protect children, birth parents and adoptive parents. Prospective adoptive parents should consult an attorney. The attorney will explain Child Adoption Law in Bethlehem PA.

The Agency Route

There are several different ways to adopt. The most common method of adoption is through an agency. Indeed, agencies do a fantastic job of making sure the law is followed. Public agencies handle the adoption of children who are wards of the state.

For example, children are taken out of abusive homes and placed in state custody. Further, they may be in state custody if one or both parents are deceased. Sometimes, there are no living relatives available.

On the other hand, birth parents often turn to private agencies. These parents make the decision to place the child for adoption. Indeed, many young women decide they are not ready or capable of parenting.

Independent Adoptions

Child Adoption Law in Bethlehem PA allows independent or private adoptions. This process is legal in all but three states, Connecticut, Delaware, and Massachusetts. No agency is involved, and the adoptive parents usually locate a child on their own.

The main advantage of this method is not on an agency waiting list. There are many individuals who want to adopt. Nonetheless, the same legal requirements apply. Most parents who go this route hire an attorney to handle the legal paperwork.

Identified adoptions are allowed in Connecticut, Delaware, and Massachusetts. This process involves adoptive parents who locate a child and invite an agency in. Indeed, there are benefits of using this method over an independent adoption. Mainly, adoptive parents can take advantage of the agency’s services such as counseling.

Limited Restrictions On Who Can Adopt

There are some restrictions on who can adopt. For instance, some states have age requirements for adoptive parents. Unfortunately, many states still give preference to heterosexual married adoptive parents over same-sex couples.

Courts maintain that it is in the best interest of the child. Likewise, many birth parents prefer heterosexual couples. Further, many states prefer that adoptive parents are of the same ethnicity as the child. In general, married couples are also given priority over a single adoptive parent. For more information, visit

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