Need Bail Services in Hyattsville, MD?

When someone ends up in jail, they can be released on bail unless a judge orders otherwise. In order to be released on bail, someone has to pay the bail amount the judge has set. Sometimes those who get sent to jail do not have the immediate funds to cover bail or have a friend or family member that they can borrow from to cover the fee. On the other hand, bail bonds are a type of loan agreement where a bondsman posts bail on behalf of the accused. The accused is responsible for securing the amount of the bond with equivalent property. Bail services in Hyattsville, MD are available for those in need. Contact us to learn more.

What Is a Bail Bond?

A bail bond works by ensuring someone gets released from jail, but the bail money is paid by a bond company instead of the jailed defendant. Criminal bail bonds ensure that a defendant is released from jail in time to stand trial. The bond can cover fines and fees the judge decides to levy against the defendant as a result of the trial. A civil bail bond makes sure any debt and interest from the debt is paid on behalf of the defendant. Bail services in Hyattsville, MD can provide these types of bonds.


The responsibilities of the defendant include paying the bondsman or company at least ten percent of the bond amount. Without this, the company or bondsman will not be able to put up the bail money. The ten percent works as a down payment but the remainder of the bail money is typically secured with property. The property can be the defendant’s or be the property of the defendant’s friends and family. In some cases, additional money beyond property or collateral is required.

Bail bonds help defendants get released from jail when they do not have the available funds to post their own bail. Usually, defendants need to supply a bondsman with collateral to cover the amount of bail, plus ten percent of the total amount. The defendant can lose the collateral if they do not appear for trial.

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