Protecting Your Senior With A Nursing Home Injury Lawyer In Rockland County, NY

New York seniors are protected against nursing home abuse and neglect through local laws. These laws give families the right to remove their senior from the facility and report these actions to law enforcement. An investigation could determine if more victims have suffered the same consequences. A Nursing Home Injury Lawyer Rockland County NY helps these families and prevents further abuse of seniors.

Identifying the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

The most common signs of nursing home abuse include but not limited to unexplainable bruises, cuts, or broken bones. Neglected seniors may also have bedsores or irritation due to a lack of quality care. The senior could exhibit panic or fear around certain members of the nursing staff as well.

What to Do When Abuse is Apparent?

Families who suspect that nursing home abuse has occurred should remove their senior from the facility. They can sign them out of the facility at any time they choose. They should sign them out and take them to their doctor for an assessment. They gives them time to collect evidence against the nursing home.

Once there is clear evidence of these actions, the doctor and the family may contact law enforcement to file a complaint. Next, the agency assigns a social worker to begin an investigation of the facility. They collect evidence and identify what member of the staff caused the senior’s injuries. The findings of their investigation determines if criminal charges are filed.

Filing a Claim Against the Nursing Home

Once the family knows their senior was abused, they file a formal claim against the nursing home. These claims could see more litigants if more victims are discovered. If there are multiple victims, the attorneys may choose to file a claim action lawsuit against the facility.

New York seniors fall victim to nursing home abuse often. These events occur due to a lack of staff or unethical individuals who have the wrong temperament to work in a care facility. Once abuse is discovered, the senior’s family may remove them from the facility altogether. Seniors who need help should hire a Nursing Home Injury Lawyer Rockland County NY by contacting Mark Aberasturi today.

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