Questions To Ask Slip And Fall Lawyers In Carlisle

In Pennsylvania, slip and fall injury cases are associated with injuries that happen as a result of a premises liability. These occurrences are often the failure of the owner to maintain the structure and keep it up to code. When this happens, the owner could face civil litigation. The following are questions to ask slip and fall lawyers in Carlisle.

Who is Responsible for a Fall in a Parking Lot?

If the parking lot is connected to a shopping center, the owner of the property is accountable. A standard retail store that doesn’t share a parking lot is accountable if a visitor falls outside their store. Finally, a public official is responsible if the parking lot is connected to a state park or monument.

Who is Accountable for Injuries Inside a Rented Property?

This would depend on the terms of the lease. If the lease places the accountability of the property on the tenant, the tenant must cover the cost of the injuries. Otherwise, the property owner is responsible for any injuries that occur due to existing conditions. If the property is used for events, the owner is responsible if the contract specifies accountability.

What Conditions Present Liabilities in a Construction Zone?

All construction zones must present define the boundaries clearly. The entrances must be roped off with appropriate barricades surrounding the area. They must have size with white lettering that measures at least ten inches. The foreman must monitor all entryways around the parameters and prevent unauthorized access. If the construction crew uses explosives, they must follow proper protocol to prevent traffic from traveling around the site.

What Circumstances Dismiss a Slip and Fall Injury Case?

Circumstances that dismiss a slip and fall injury case begin with criminal acts. If the victim sustained injuries due to criminal action, they cannot collect compensation. For example, if they provide a dog to get it to attack them, the pet owner isn’t accountable. If they fall and get injured on private property while trespassing, their claim is invalid because they broke the law.

In Pennsylvania, slip and fall injuries include falling in parking lots, retail stores, local parks, and a variety of businesses. Victims often sustain bruises, broken bones, and chemical burns. Victims who need help from slip and fall lawyers in Carlisle contact us today.

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