Semi Truck Accidents in Rockford, Illinois Are Often Caused by Driver Fatigue

Experts believe that about 25% of accidents involving large trucks are caused by truck drivers who are fatigued or unhealthy. Drivers who aren’t getting enough sleep may have slow reaction times and poor judgment, leading to truck accidents in Rockford, Illinois.

A Healthy Diet and Exercise

Truckers who want to stay as fit and healthy as possible in this demanding job need to focus on a healthy diet and getting exercise. Loading up the cooler or mini refrigerator with lower-calorie, nutritious foods is advisable. Fresh vegetables and fruits along with lean meats provide the foundation for a diet that won’t pack on the pounds.

Some trucking companies and travel centers catering to truckers have built fitness centers on their sites. Employers may provide free memberships to fitness centers that are located all over the region where employees travel, or even nationwide.

A Chronic Sleep Disorder

Along with erratic work hours, conditions like sleep apnea worsen the problems facing truck drivers. Although operating a semi truck is often hard work and may require loading and unloading of cargo, much of the work is sedentary. Drivers may gain weight, which is a risk factor for sleep apnea. Truck accidents in Rockford, Illinois may be the result when a person nods off behind the wheel because of this chronic disorder that compromises their ability to sleep well.

The Solution to Sleep Apnea

As of early 2018, federal regulators have not implemented laws requiring professional drivers to be screened for sleep apnea. Yet the disorder is linked to preventable accidents. Employers may want to bring in drivers who are having trouble with fatigue and have them spend a night in a sleep diagnosis clinic. They’ll learn whether sleep apnea is, indeed, present. The driver can then be provided with equipment to help with breathing during sleep.

Collisions between heavy trucks and passenger vehicles are usually some of the most serious road accidents. Anyone who has been injured in an accident caused by trucker fatigue may need help from a law firm such as Clark Frost Williams Zucchi. Details on this particular organization can be seen at

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