Tips for Suing After Car Accidents in Keller, TX

It’s no secret that an auto accident can make life extremely difficult. Victims have to deal with the at-fault driver, insurers, lawyers, doctors and, in most cases, they have to do it without a vehicle. The complexity of these events can leave someone wondering how they’ll pay their bills, and many wonder whether they should sue the other party for compensation for their losses. Read further to learn when to sue an at-fault driver after car accidents in Keller, TX.

Document Everything

The evidence is crucial to lawsuits and insurance claims. Therefore, it’s important to take photos of the accident scene, keep documents for auto repair and accident-related medical care, and add up lost income from missing work. This information is important when deciding to sue because it gives the victim an idea of how much harm they’ve suffered and how much money they may be able to recover.

Hire an Attorney

Whether a victim decides to settle a case through a lawsuit, an insurance claim, or both, it’s best to hire legal representation. Car accident lawyers know the state’s laws and can describe a case’s facts in a supportive, clear manner. This can give a victim more negotiating power and help them make the best possible recovery.

Decide Whether to Sue

Once a driver collects all the evidence and consults an attorney, the final step is to determine whether it’s worthwhile to sue the other party. Most car accidents in Keller, TX are handled through both parties’ insurance companies. While insurers are paid to protect policyholders’ interests, they often don’t give victims what they deserve.

An at-fault driver’s insurer will employ various tactics to minimize payouts, and they’re motivated to settle as early as possible. By filing a legal claim, a victim can encourage the other person’s insurer to make a fairer settlement offer.

When deciding to sue after an auto accident, a victim should consider the amount of harm they’ve suffered. This can include economic losses, pain and suffering, and property damage. If the insurance claim won’t offer enough compensation to cover these losses, consider hiring the Law Firm of David S. Kohm for competent representation and legal advocacy.

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