To Handle a Search Warrant, Contact a Federal Defense Lawyer

A search warrant for a person’s home or office might be the first sign they’re being investigated for a federal crime. As soon as they are served the search warrant, they’ll want to make sure they have legal assistance. A Federal Defense Lawyer will be able to make sure the warrant is lawfully obtained and executed to protect their client.

Lawfully Obtained

Federal agents need to have a valid reason to obtain a search warrant and it needs to be signed by a judge to be lawfully obtained. If there is not a valid reason for the warrant, it might be possible for the lawyer to have all evidence obtained through the search suppressed. It may be unlikely the lawyer can stop the search itself, but finding out there are issues with the warrant can help them with their client’s defense in the future.

Lawfully Executed

Search warrants need to be written properly. They do not give the agents permission to search everything in the house. They are typically used to search for something specific and will list where the agent can search. For instance, if they’re searching for a book, they can only look in places where a book could be. They cannot look through a tiny jewelry box because a book cannot fit there. They can, however, look through cupboards and drawers because it’s possible a book could be hidden there.

A lawyer can determine if the warrant was lawfully executed and ask to have unlawfully obtained evidence suppressed if necessary. They can help make sure the agents did not go over the scope of the warrant to find evidence. If they find anything unlawful about the execution of the warrant, they can make sure that evidence cannot be used against their client and can help their client possibly avoid further charges.

If you’ve been served a search warrant for your home or office, contact a Federal Defense Lawyer immediately. While they might not be able to prevent a search, they’re going to be able to make sure everything is handled properly and can start working on your case right away. Visit now to learn more about how a defense lawyer can help you. You can follow them on Twitter.

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