What Clients Should Know About Medical Malpractice in Clinton Township, MI

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

When people go to the doctor or have to have surgery, they expect to recover from whatever they went to see the doctor about. Most times, doctor visits are successful. Surgical procedures usually go well, those have a chance of surviving. However, sometimes the doctors don’t always do things exactly right. They are subject to human error. Accidents happen, and unfortunately, people end up suffering because of those accidents. Sometimes they even die. When people get hurt or suffer a fatality as a result of a medical accident, this is called medical malpractice.

There is a law firm that takes cases involving medical malpractice in Clinton Township MI. Clients who pursue such lawsuits need to keep a few things in mind. The first thing involves the statute of limitations. This is the time a plaintiff has to file a personal injury lawsuit, which starts from the date of the injury, or the reasonable time in which the injury was found. In Michigan, this time frame is three years. If the plaintiff fails to file the lawsuit in a Michigan civil court in that window, any opportunity to collect damages will be gone.

The next thing to know is that Michigan employs the comparative negligence rule. This is where the defendant’s side can try to prove the plaintiff was part to blame for the accident. Any damages that might be received will be reduced by the percentage the plaintiff is found at fault. If the plaintiff is deemed to be 50 percent at fault or more, no damages will be awarded. It is important, therefore, that the plaintiff hires an experienced attorney.

Macomb Injury Lawyers have been providing personal injury solutions for clients in the Clinton Township, Michigan area for more than 47 years. Among the personal injury cases they take are dog bites, automobile accidents, truck accidents, and of course, medical malpractice. They also represent clients for social security disability cases and workers’ compensation cases. If a client needs to consult attorneys about medical malpractice in Clinton Township, MI, the Macomb Injury Lawyers are available.

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