What To Expect From A Bondsman In Midwest City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma defendants may post bail after they are booked. They may contact a bonding agent themselves or allow a family member to act on their behalf. However, they are required to present specific information to the agent such as their booking number and full name.

The Waiting Period

A Bondsman in Midwest City Oklahoma area cannot post bail until the booking process is finalized. Several factors dictate the waiting period to post bond. Primarily, the duration depends on the caseload of the booking agent at the jail. However, cases that require chemical testing or breathalyzer readings could require more time. The results of these tests determine whether or not the county has a case against the defendant.

What is Rapid Intake?

Rapid intake requires a Bondsman to perform a warrant search. If a warrant for your arrest is found, the bondsman arranges bail with the court on your behalf. The judge determines your bail amount based on your charges. The bondsman presents you with the value required to post bond.
This value is ten percent of your total bail. After you pay them, you’ll arrive at the county jail with the bondsman. They present your bond to the court after you are booked. This reduces the waiting period. You are released in their custody quickly.

Responsibilities for Posting Bond

The individual who posts bond is responsible for the defendant until after the court appearance. They are required to ensure that the accused appears in court. If the accused doesn’t appear, the collateral used to secure the bond is seized.

Additionally, the bond is valid for one year. If the case continues beyond one year, a supplemental bond is required. The individual who originally may post the additional bond. They are allowed to use the same asset for collateral for the new bond.

Posting bail allows a defendant to acquire their release prior to their scheduled court date. It is essentially a financial assurance that the defendant will appear in court. The individual who posts bond must present collateral to secure the bond. In most cases, the collateral is residential or business property. To learn more about posting bond, contact your preferred Bondsman in Midwest City Oklahoma now.

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