Why a Bail Bond Company in Midwest City, Oklahoma Is Important

Every year Midwest City, Oklahoma police arrest hundreds of citizens, but some offenses are more serious than others. For that reason the legal system allows the majority of defendants to go free until they have to return to court. However, they need to guarantee their court appearances, and that is where a bail bond company in Midwest City Oklahoma comes in. Bond agents explain the bail process to clients, represent them to the courts and ensure that they make scheduled appearances.

Bail Bonds Keep Defendants Free

Basically, a bail bond is payment that the court system requires before a defendant can go free. The money is returned to them if they meet all of their obligations. Without bail, the accused could stay in jail for months, or even years, while their cases are being handled. Fortunately, a Bail Bond Company in Midwest City Oklahoma can often get clients freed within hours. Since most defendants cannot afford the full bail amount, agents write bonds which guarantee the courts that their clients will make scheduled court appearances. Defendants are then free to hire attorneys, collect evidence, continue to go to work and tend to personal business.

Bondsmen Provide 24/7 Help

Family members often arrange for bail on behalf of jailed relatives. They can call agents at any hour and get more information. Agents are happy to explain the bond process and often get started with basic information, like the name of the accused. Once bond companies take a case, they assign an agent to their client. That representative stays in constant contact until their dealings are complete. Agents are non-judgmental and carefully explain the process to clients. After defendants are freed, their representatives are careful to remind them of important notifications, dates and changes. They also go to court with them.

Agents Make Bail Affordable

Most bond companies charge clients 10% of the bail amount. For example, if the judge has set bail at $25,000, the defendant pays $2,500 for their bond. Most businesses now accept cash, checks and credit cards. Some will also hold deeds to homes, cars or even boats as collateral.

Oklahoma bail bond companies keep defendants out of jail until they need to appear before judges. Agents also represent the accused to the court systems. This process is critical since it gives defendants time to take care of important matters and build defenses.

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