Why You Should Call a Real Estate Attorney in Santa Barbara, CA Before Buying a Home

by | May 11, 2018 | Real Estate Attorneys

The purchase of a home is the biggest purchase most people make in their entire lives. Obtaining a mortgage is a major commitment. However, there are many details that go into the creation of the mortgage document. An experienced lawyer can help ensure these details work in your favor.

Attorneys Protect Your Interests

Unlike the real estate agents and brokers, a real estate attorney in Santa Barbara, CA has no personal interest in the home sale. They do not receive a commission based on the negotiated terms of the transaction. Attorneys look out for your best interests and represent you in legal matters.

A real estate attorney also has knowledge of local and state real estate laws. These laws are pretty complex, which results in confusing contracts full of legal jargon. Part of protecting your interests is ensuring you understand these laws. Your attorney can explain the details of the contract before you sign anything.

Avoid Paying for Costly Repairs

Homeowners may not want to disclose certain issues with a home to get the best possible price on the sale of the property. Issues such as termites, asbestos, and structural defects may remain unknown to the potential buyer until they purchase the home.

Inspections are designed to reveal these issues. However, an inspection does not always uncover everything. A real estate attorney can ensure the details of the inspection are clearly outlined. If issues are found, the attorney can help negotiate a lower sale price or try to include the appropriate repairs in the contract.

The deadline for completing the inspection is 17 days. Look at Bfaslaw.com today to receive legal assistance before the time allowance for an inspection expires. If major repairs are needed, you can decide if you want to pull out of the sale or negotiate.

Many home buyers may assume an attorney is an unnecessary expense. When you are about to make a major purchase, you may not want to spend more money. However, an attorney protects your interests and can help ensure you get everything you want in a new home.

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