Bankruptcy Lawyers in Las Vegas, NV Can Help You File Chapter 11

If you have a business, you might find that you are out of money at some point. The different ways you can run out of money necessitate different types of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy lawyers in your area will be able to walk you through the different aspects of bankruptcy law. You need lawyers in your area, for the petition for chapter 11 bankruptcy must be filed in the jurisdiction where the business owner or proprietor has a residence.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a business bankruptcy. It is used for sole proprietorships, limited liability corporations, and much more. An individual cannot be in debt through chapter 11 bankruptcy; it’s only for businesses. However, the chapter 11 filing has to take place where the business proprietor has residence, which makes it more difficult for someone to file for bankruptcy and then begin avoiding the process. If you think you need to file this type of bankruptcy, you first need to hire great bankruptcy lawyers in Las Vegas, NV.

The experts at Newark & Newark are great examples of lawyers that will help you with filing bankruptcy. They’ll walk you through the process for filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy.


The defining feature of a chapter 11 filing is the trustee. Your business goes through what is called a reorganization. It is placed in the hands of a trustee who will sell off troubled assets, downsize the operation, and optimize your spending. Depending on the state of your debt, that could mean changing vendors to lower-cost vendors, firing highly paid employees, or cutting down on your footprint. There are many different ways to go about reorganizing your business. Once it has been reorganized and made healthy again, your bankruptcy lawyers will be able to close your filing. Once it’s closed, you will be in complete control of your business again. Bankruptcy does not have to be the end of your business.

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