Litigation Attorney in Mankato, MN Explains How Litigation Is the Often the Necessary Evil of Divorce Law

During a divorce, litigation is best avoided. Mediation is the best course of action in a divorce because it is cheaper, faster, and more efficient. It avoids the cumbersome trial period of litigation that can drag events on for months. However, unfortunately, mediation does not work for everyone.

Why Mediation Doesn’t Always Work

It only works if both parties fundamentally agree to do it and to be open about the process. If one party is against it and they cannot be dissuaded, mediation may be a jump down the wrong rabbit hole. One party can take advantage of another’s consideration towards mediation and take advantage of the situation. Unfortunately, nothing will happen. Mediation takes two to tango.

The Call of the Judge

Litigation is unavoidable if one party is vehemently against it. With that said, it could be the best course of action if one party sees the events pertaining to a divorce swinging favorably in their direction. Generally, mediation results in decently favorable results for both parties. There is a constantly enforced conversation on compromise and agreement.

Litigation with a good litigation attorney in Mankato, MN will often result in one party getting a lot less than what they sought in favor of the other party getting a whole lot more. Litigation leaves decisions up to a judge, who is nonbias and unpredictable. They can make judgment calls all over the map, and that can be scary. Mediation is private and avoids these potential unpredictable swings in the action. Things are conscious and intentional. Visit for more on the differences between litigation and mediation.

Litigation with a litigation attorney in Mankato, MN can be the necessary evil for parties who do not fundamentally agree on any course of action. The only way forward is to burst the door wide open and see the damages fall. Yet interestingly, this way may often result in a clear victory. In serious cases of divorce and disagreement, this may be the only way to move on from an eroding and unhealthy relationship. Litigation is best avoided, but it may be the only weapon people have to protect themselves.

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