3 Questions to Ask Your Criminal Defense Attorney in Wichita, KS About Your Case

When you are charged with a crime, regardless of the severity, you must hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Wichita KS immediately. This is in your best interest legally, but it is also important for peace of mind.

Hiring an attorney is vital because the legal system is extremely complicated. It is easy to get overwhelmed, so it is important to seek representation and have a legal professional in your corner. Once you hire a lawyer, ask him or her the following questions.

1. What are the most likely resolutions of my case?

It is true that there are only two possible results in a criminal trial: guilty or not guilty. However, many cases never make it to trial. Potential resolutions of your criminal case might include:

1. Plea bargain
2. “No bill” in the grand jury
3. Plea of “no contest”
4. Dismissal of charges

Ask your criminal attorney what resolutions he or she feels are most probable. Find out his or her reasoning behind those opinions so you have a better understanding of your situation.

2. How long should I expect my case to take?

The final disposition of a criminal case can come weeks, months, or even years after charges are filed. This often depends on the severity and complexity of the charges, so ask your Criminal Defense Attorney in Wichita KS, his or her opinion.

No attorney can provide you with a date of a resolution. However, your attorney can offer a ballpark figure based on his or her experience in practice.

3. How can I help resolve my case?

While your lawyer is responsible for defending you and protecting your legal interest, you might be able to help resolve your case in a positive way. For example, if there were any witnesses to the situation that led to your charges, you might be able to provide names and contact information so your attorney can investigate.

Keep in mind that you should never take any action with regard to your criminal case without first consulting your attorney. Otherwise, you risk jeopardizing your future by getting into more trouble. If you have been charged with a crime, Visit the Website to learn more about your options and to find a qualified attorney to represent you.



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