A Criminal Law Lawyer in Tyler, TX Will Review Your Case

An arrest, especially for someone who has never been in trouble with the law before, can be an intimidating experience. No matter what they’re charged with, they will want to make sure they seek legal assistance from a criminal law lawyer in Tyler, TX who can review their case and inform them of their options.

A Lawyer Will Review the Case Carefully

The first thing the lawyer will likely do is ask the arrested person for their version of the events. They will also read the police report and any other information the person has to give them. This gives the lawyer a good idea of what happened and what they might be able to do to minimize the impact of the arrest on their client and avoid a conviction, if possible.

A Lawyer Will Let the Client Know What They Think Can Be Done

Once a lawyer has reviewed all of the information available to them, they will let the arrested person know what they think. The lawyer might let the person know there is a high chance of a conviction and tell them what they can do to minimize the sentence the person is facing or let them know there is a possibility the conviction can be avoided based on some of the facts of the case.

A lawyer cannot promise a certain outcome for the client. They do not know for sure what the judge will say or do, or what a jury might think of the situation. However, they do have a significant amount of experience working on similar cases, so they can let the arrested person know what they think will happen if the case goes to trial. This can help the arrested person have a better idea of what to expect.

If you’ve been arrested, you’ll want to talk to a criminal law lawyer in Tyler, TX as quickly as possible to learn more about your case and what can be done to help you avoid the worst-case scenario. Visit or contact the Law Office of Holmes & Moore P.L.L.C. now to learn more about how they can help you and to set up a time to discuss your case with a lawyer. Like us on Facebook.

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