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When a person has a criminal record, it can create difficult consequences later in life. For instance, landlords and employers commonly ask applicants whether they’ve ever been arrested for or convicted of a crime. In some cases, a client may be able to get a conviction or arrest expunged or removed from their record with the help of a law firm in Burlington, VT.

The Expungement Process

When a criminal record is expunged, it’s sealed from public view. Though details vary by jurisdiction, most areas’ laws provide that an expunged record doesn’t have to be disclosed to a landlord, employer or another civilian source.

Expungement Eligibility

Because an expungement provides a client with a fresh start, one of their most important actions is to find out the local process to seal criminal records. County criminal courts and law enforcement agencies can be great sources of information on the process of and eligibility requirements for expungement.

A Certificate of Innocence

This is the most potent form of expungement. It does more than simply seal the client’s criminal record; it states that the record should never have existed. When a person is found not guilty or the charges are dropped, they can consult a law firm in Burlington, VT to learn how a certificate can establish innocence.

Juvenile Offenses and Drug Crimes

In many areas, a person arrested for or convicted of a drug crime or juvenile offense may find it easier to obtain an expungement.

1. Drug crimes: Many arrested for drug crimes can enter into a diversion program. These programs usually provide for the record to be expunged upon the client’s successful completion of the program’s requirements.

2. Juvenile offenses: A person convicted or arrested as a juvenile offender may find it easier to get his or her criminal record sealed or expunged. Typically, this becomes an option once the client reaches the state’s age of majority without getting into further legal trouble.

Being arrested or convicted can have consequences that last long after the penalty is served. To learn how an attorney can help a client remove arrests and convictions from his or her criminal record, contact Jason J. Sawyer, Attorney & Counselor at Law today.

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