Child Custody Cases Need an Experienced Family Attorney in Wilkes-Barre, PA

Child custody cases can be emotionally and financially draining for all parties involved. Because it’s such a personal issue, people who find themselves in child custody battles can find themselves feeling helpless. Because there is so much at stake and so many emotions involved, care must be taken with the attorney chosen to represent you in your child custody case.

Empathy Is Key to Winning the Case

A family attorney working on your child custody case will be on your side and work with you to build the strongest case possible. Whether you are filing for full custody or just wanting visitation rights, your lawyer should get a full understanding of you and your situation to present the strongest case. Since this person is acting as your advocate on such a personal matter, he or she should be willing to work hands-on with you and have an emotional investment in your outcome. Overall, your family attorney should empathize with you so that he or she can passionately fight for your case.

Experience Is a Must

Your family attorney in Wilkes-Barre, PA must come with a plethora of experience and knowledge in working on cases just like yours. Before making the important decision of finding a lawyer, do your research. Find out what his or her history is with cases such as yours. In addition, find people whom he or she has represented before and hear their stories. If they had positive and memorable experiences, then you are sure to have a similar one with that attorney.

If you don’t know anyone personally who was represented by the family attorney whom you are considering, check his or her website for testimonials. If a lawyer has a good reputation, he or she is likely to post stories of satisfied clients on his or her site.

If you find yourself in a custody battle and need representation, contact John T. O’Malley, Attorney At Law.

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