Detailed Information on the Role of a Bail Agent in Easton, CT

Most people are familiar with the concept of posting bail after a person has been arrested. However, who pays the bail that has been set by the courts, especially if the person doesn’t have that kind of money lying around is a question that many people don’t have an answer for. In these situations, speaking with a bail agent in Easton, CT is the best way to make bail.

What Is Bail?

When a person that has been arrested has the court set a certain amount of bail money for them to be released from jail, the easiest way is for the incarcerated person to pay the bail. However, if the amount is more than the person has, they may want to speak with a bail bondsman or a bail agent.


In these situations, a bail agent will often require a person to pay at least 10% of the bail set by the courts. If a person is unable to come up with the cash or collateral to equal 10% of the bail, they may speak with relatives or friends who may be willing to help out.

Possible Outcomes

Once the bail has been paid, the person can be released from jail. However, because bail is an assurance that a person will show up for their initial court date, it is important to remember that, if a person fails to appear in court, the money or collateral paid by the individual, family member, or friend, as well as the bail bondsman, will be forfeited to the courts. If the person shows up for their initial court date, the money or collateral is returned to the bail bondsman as well as the defendant. Not only will the person sacrifice money or collateral, but if they failed to show up for court they will likely have a warrant issued for their arrest.

If you or someone you know has been arrested and the bail is set too high, a bail agent in Easton, CT is a good option. If you need to discuss further the stipulations involved in a bail bondsman making bail for a friend or family member, schedule an appointment to discuss these details further.

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