Differences Between Fictional TV Dramas and How a Criminal Lawyer in Rockwall, TX Actually Handles Cases

A person who needs to hire a criminal lawyer in Rockwall, TX and has never been in legal trouble before is likely to have some misconceptions about how the system works. Misconceptions are common, primarily because of fictional TV law and police dramas that tell fascinating stories but play fast and loose with details. For instance, viewers may think that it’s common for law enforcement employees to make errors during arrests and while dealing with physical evidence. They may think it’s common for judges to dismiss cases because of those technical errors. In reality, this is not nearly as prevalent an occurrence as TV dramas would have people believe.

Another aspect giving people ideas that aren’t exactly true is the last-minute negotiation of plea bargains between the prosecuting attorneys and the defense attorney. This may, indeed, occur, but a judge still has to rule on the request. TV audiences seldom see that part of the process. Also, criminal trials are commonly portrayed in fictional TV shows. The scenario moves along speedily from the arrest to the trial, giving viewers the impression that only a few weeks go by. In reality, the process of going to trial is much more time-consuming. In addition, most criminal cases are resolved through a plea negotiation before a trial ever begins. This can be advantageous unless the defendant is adamant about wanting to be found not guilty in a court of law.

A criminal lawyer in Rockwall, TX will bring a case to trial or negotiate a plea bargain depending on the circumstances and the wishes of the client. The arrested person usually does not have to stay in jail in the meantime as long as they can pay bail or arrange for a bail bond service. Many offenses have an automatic bail that has been set by the court, so a bail hearing is not needed. If a judge must set bail, a defense attorney from a firm like the Law Office of Tim Hartley will represent the person in court and advocate for a low amount.

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