Addressing A Dog Attack Through Injury Law In Twin Falls, ID

In Idaho, dog owners are required by law to reduce the potential for a dog attack. These laws are enforced and could lead to liabilities for the owner if they don’t comply. The owners can face serious financial losses due to any injuries sustained in these attacks. The following is how a dog attack is addressed through Injury Law in Twin Falls ID.

Did the Victim Break the Law?

The first aspect of these cases is to define whether or not the victim broke the law. The most probable laws associated with a dog attack include but are not limited to trespassing, home invasions, or cruelty to animals. The victim must prove that they had the legal right to be on the property based on service duties or by invitation.

Addressing the Attack Report

A medical doctor reports the attack after providing treatment for the victim. They are required to notify the animal control officer as soon as they are aware of a dog attack. The animal control officer is required by law to take action. This action is vital to determine if the dog is a risk to the public.

Quarantine and Response from Animal Control

The animal control officer visits the owner’s property or sends a notification to their home. The notification requires the pet owner to provide evidence of rabies vaccination initially. Next, they are required to surrender the animal to a licensed vet for further evaluation. If the dog exhibits any signs of rabies, the animal is put to sleep. If the animal doesn’t have rabies but is aggressive or otherwise dangerous, the animal control officer may require euthanization.

Strict Liabilities Related to These Attacks

A strict liability indicates that the owner knew the dog was dangerous. In these cases, the dog was involved in previous attacks. The animal control officer will make this distinction and report it to the court.

In Idaho, dog owners must follow strict laws pertaining to prevention of personal injuries. They must maintain control over their dog and stop them from attacking their neighbors or visitors. Victims of these attacks contact a lawyer who practices in Injury Law in Twin Falls ID or get more information here.

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