FAQs a Medical Negligence Attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD Can Answer

In Maryland, all doctors are required to provide a high standard of health care for their patients. This standard is referred to as a duty to the patient. If the doctor doesn’t fulfill this obligation and the patient is injured, the doctor is liable for the cost of their medical treatment and any losses the injury caused. The following are FAQs that a medical negligence attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD can answer.

What Acts Are Considered Negligent?

In terms of a medical malpractice, negligence is defined by a failure to perform services to the best of their ability. It is also considered any failure that leads to a patient’s injury. This could include a doctor performing surgery when they are too exhausted or otherwise impaired. It could also include a hospital allowing a doctor to perform a procedure for which they lack experience or training.

Is the Doctor Punished If They Are Proven Liable?

Yes, the doctor will pay economic damages to cover the patient’s expenses. This includes the cost of their care provided by this doctor, additional procedures that were performed, or any other expense related to the injury directly. It also includes an award for lost wages or any other losses incurred by the patient. Additionally, the doctor pays punitive damages as a form of punishment. The doctor may also lose their medical license.

Can Patients Sue for a Refusal to Provide Certain Services?

It depends on whether or not the services would save their lives or prevent an injury. These circumstances could apply to the prescribing a medication that could have treated a condition more effectively. They could also apply to the use of testing equipment that is more accurate than what the doctor chose to use. If the patient’s condition worsens due to the refusal, they may have a malpractice case.

In Maryland, all doctors are required to provide a high standard of care. If they fail to provide this standard, they are in violation of associated laws. Victims of these injuries contact a medical negligence attorney in Upper Marlboro, MD for an appointment or find more information here now.

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