Following Appropriate Steps With A Car Accident Attorney In Grand Rapids, MI

In Michigan, no-fault laws apply to all car accidents that occur. Under applicable laws, all vehicle owners must purchase auto liability and no-fault coverage to provide funds for common expenses. However, more severe conditions could warrant a lawsuit that helps victims collect compensation. A Car Accident Attorney in Grand Rapids MI explains procedures and limitations that apply to the accidents.

Seeking Medical Attention

All passengers who are injured in a car accident must seek medical attention immediately following the accident. Even if the victims don’t believe their injuries are severe, they should undergo a medical assessment. All injuries are reported to the victim’s personal protection insurance carrier. The insurer processes the claim according to the victim’s medical requirements. Any limitations that apply to the policy are explained to the victim.

Criminal Acts Associated with the Auto Accident

All criminal acts associated with an auto accident play a role in initiating mini-tort rulings. A driver that was drunk or under the influence of drugs carries some fault by breaking the law. The outcome of the accident could lead to further criminal charges. In some circumstances, the driver could be charged with vehicular assault or manslaughter.

Assessing Fault After the Accident

The state is a no-fault state, but if a driver is more than fifty percent at fault, a mini-tort ruling applies. The law allows the victim to seek compensation from the at-fault driver. The ruling applies typically when the victim’s medical expenses exceed their own personal injury protection policy.

Traumatic and Permanent Injuries

Traumatic and permanent injuries could constitute the need for a lawsuit. The conditions generate ongoing medical costs for the victim or their family. A complete medical assessment defines the projected expenses. The calculations are used when the victim is allowed to file a lawsuit.

In Michigan, the no-fault statutes lower the chances of a lawsuit unless certain conditions apply. Typically, the accountable driver must shoulder most of the blame for the accident. Additionally, the victim must sustain injuries that aren’t covered fully by their own insurance. Victims who need guidance about their injuries contact a Car Accident Attorney in Grand Rapids MI through Bleakley Law Offices P C right now.

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