Hire a Family Law Firm in Henderson, NV to Help with an Estate Plan

Every adult should have a will. This is the central piece of an estate plan and it doesn’t need to be complicated. Without a will, assets may be stuck in limbo until the probate court decides what to do with them. If more than one family member hires an attorney to sort out the estate, the process could be long and expensive. Fortunately, this could be avoided by taking a few simple steps.


Although a will is one way to assign person assets to someone else after death, it is the most effective way to assign a guardian for minor children. This cannot be done with a trust, and simply asking someone to take care of their children or naming someone a godparent is not enough. This designation must be in writing. Although probate courts are not required to give guardianship to the person named in the parent’s will, courts recognize the parent is more likely to know what’s best for their children than someone who has never met them. A family law firm in Henderson, NV may be able to help a young parent write their will to ensure it will be admissible in court.


When younger adults die, their siblings might disagree over who should have their belongings. A simple will could help avoid any arguments that could result in a courtroom battle. Many younger people assume they don’t need a will because they don’t own anything worth fighting over. However, when a person dies unexpectedly, family members often want to hold onto whatever they can to help them remember their loved one. Designating a beneficiary to personal belongings that might be valuable to others could help avoid any confusion.

A will can be as simple as a few lines written on a piece of paper. It’s important for it to be signed and for someone else to know where it is. A family law firm in Henderson, NV could help a young person write their will and revise it when they add assets or when they want to change beneficiaries. Issoandhugheslawfirm.com is a great place to go to learn more about the value of a will.

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