Before You File, Contact a Family Law Attorney in Springboro, OH

Family law is considered one of the most difficult branches of the legal system. This is not because the laws are any more complex or because there are more loopholes that can be exploited; it’s because the needs of both parties must be considered when resolving the case. For example, in a divorce, both parties will need to make certain claims at the beginning of the case. Each party must ask the court for certain considerations such as spousal support. There may be disputes regarding these claims since neither party is willing to cooperate with the other. It’s up to the court to decide which party should win these claims. With the help of a family law attorney in Springboro, OH, there is a much better chance of these disputes being resolved without a lengthy legal battle.

When filing for a divorce, there are a few things to keep in mind. When one spouse is no longer interested in the well being of their former spouse, the feeling is usually mutual. Neither party is likely to be fair to the other. All sorts of stall tactics and maneuvers intended to make the process more difficult will most likely be used. When it comes to finances, it shouldn’t be a surprise that one party is hiding a bank account or credit card. Getting a full financial statement is strongly suggested before filing. In fact, it’s best to get a statement as far ahead of filing as possible. If children are involved, the case can become much more difficult to resolve without the help of a family law attorney in Springboro, OH.

At the beginning of the divorce process, frustrating or unsettling information may come out to the light. This information should only influence the case as far as splitting assets and sharing custody of children. It’s never a good idea to make things more difficult for the court. Anyone considering filing for a divorce should contact us for a consultation. The information provided by an attorney can be invaluable during the divorce process. Filing without consulting with an attorney could be a big mistake.

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