Lemon Aid For California Consumers

If you buy a new car in California and it ends up spending more time being repaired than it spends on the road the chances are very good that the car you bought is a lemon. In California, as in all states, lemon laws are in place to protect you, allowing you to either get a refund of the purchase price or a new car. Although it is possible to pursue recourse independently, the law is so complex that most consumers elect to hire a California lemon law attorney.

Generally speaking, the lemon law in California applies to new cars that have been purchased which turn out to be plagued with serious defects. If the defects cannot be repaired after a certain period of time or a reasonable number of tries the manufacturer or the manufacturers authorized dealer can provide a refund or a replacement vehicle.

In California, what is a lemon?

The state of California enacted the Song-Beverly Act which is somewhat like the Magnusson-Moss act in other parts of the country. It basically states that your new car may be a lemon if, within 18 months of delivery the following has happened:

* Two attempts have been made to repair a problem, covered by the vehicle warranty, which might result in death or serious injury
* There have been four attempts at repairing the same problem
* The car has been unavailable for use for 30 days or more for repair, and
* The problem was not the result of owner abuse

If you’re new car meets these requirements it can qualify as a lemon and as such the manufacturer can either replace it or buy it back. In the event the manufacturer refuses to do either, you can try to resolve the dispute by arbitration or you can hire a California lemon law attorney.

If you live in California and the new car you bought gives you nothing but trouble that cannot be rectified, chances are good that the vehicle is a lemon. If you have difficulties in getting satisfaction from the manufacturer you should hire a California Lemon Law attorney. For further details you are invited to visit LemonLawAmerica.com

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