Passed Over for Promotion Because of Age? Hire Employment Attorneys in Nashville, TN

State and federal lawmakers enacted employment laws to ensure that workers are treated fairly in their workplace. As a result, workers must receive fair compensation for their work. This includes overtime, if they work more than 40 hours in the same week. Disabled workers cannot be discriminated against because they have physical or mental limitations.

No worker, regardless of their sex, may be subjected to sexual harassment and be forced to work in a hostile environment. Older workers cannot be passed over for hiring or promotions in favor of younger workers. Anyone who feels that they have been treated unfairly by their employer should contact one of the Employment Attorneys Nashville TN.

Many Americans are working much later in their life than they expected. The federal Age Discrimination Act in Employment, often referred to as the ADEA, prohibits employers from discriminating against workers 40 years of age or older. It does not protect younger workers. However, a few states have adopted laws to protect them. Most people understand that it is illegal to fire an older worker and replace them with someone younger. They may not realize the broad reach of the ADEA. Employers may also not discriminate against older workers when they decide who gets promoted or receives a pay raise. Older workers must receive the same training and work assignments as younger workers. They must also be given the same fringe benefits.

It is illegal to intimidate or harass someone in a business, because of their age. While a joke or two about a person’s age doesn’t constitute harassment, employers cannot allow it to become a daily occurrence. This can include derogatory verbal comments or cartoons about old people on a Facebook page. No one is allowed to do this. In addition to a person’s direct supervisor, it can be other managers, co-workers or even customers. Employment Attorneys Nashville TN are available to meet with an older worker that has been subject to any of these activities.

A person might believe that they can’t afford to hire a lawyer. Many law firms only charge a fee, if they win a financial settlement for their client. Older workers can Browse Site to learn more about their rights and hiring an employment lawyer.

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