Red Flags When Comparing Divorce Lawyers

Individuals going through a divorce are facing many new challenges. First and foremost, they are learning to live on their own once again, and, unless a marriage lasts for a very brief time, this adjustment can be difficult, especially when kids are involved. One parent is no longer seeing their children on a daily basis and this can be hard. When the time comes to compare divorce lawyers, a person in this situation may grasp for any lifeline and end up hiring a lawyer who promises them the world but cannot deliver. Following are three red flags to look for when hiring an attorney to make this process easier.

If the attorney flirts with his or her client, it’s time to look elsewhere; this is an abuse of his or her power and a sure sign that they are not ethical. Divorce is hard enough without complicating the situation by becoming involved with an attorney involved in the case. Any lawyer who attempts to date a person they are representing in a divorce should be viewed as a predator and avoided at all costs.

Every client would love to hear that they have a great case and the lawyer will be able to get them everything they want and more; however, no attorney can promise this as they cannot know what the judge will do. The judge is the one who ultimately decides the outcome, and clients need to remember this at all times. An attorney may promise everything and then back off of these promises once they have secured the client. If an attorney does this, it’s time to find new representation.

The attorney shouldn’t try to escalate the conflict: although a client may be angry with his or her spouse, the lawyer should work to minimize conflict. Escalating it only makes the process more bitter and can lead to increased fighting, which can have the case dragging on for years. The lawyer should work to protect the interests of his or her client at all times, but do so in a reasonable way, one that helps to keep conflict to a minimum.

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