When Evidence is Obtained by the Police, Can a Drug Attorney in Royse City TX Still Help?

Drug cases often feel hopeless for the person who has been arrested and charged. After all, the police may have searched them, their vehicle or their home and found drugs or paraphernalia that was entered into evidence against the person. With evidence that proves they were in possession of drugs, is there anything a Drug Attorney in Royse City TX can really do?

The person should remember that just because drugs were found doesn’t mean they will be found guilty. There are a few different reasons the charges against the person might be dropped. For instance, if the officer unlawfully searched the person’s vehicle or home, the evidence may not be admissible in court. This does not include items in plain view, but it might include when a person does not consent to a search and the officer searches anyway. These laws can be complex, so an attorney should be the one to look through them to determine if the person was illegally searched.

If the person was illegally searched and the evidence can be used against them in court, they may have the option to plead guilty and receive treatment instead of jail time. This can be extremely beneficial as the person may be able to have the conviction withheld following treatment and they may be able to obtain help if they are addicted to a drug. While this option isn’t always offered and may not be available to a person who has been convicted of drug crimes in the past, a lawyer may recommend they ask for this if they are guilty and want help.

The diverse ways a Drug Attorney in Royse City TX can help really depends on the exact crime the person is being accused of, the evidence against them, and how the evidence was collected. There are rules in place to protect the person who is arrested, and a lawyer can help ensure all of those rules are upheld, even if they are guilty of having drugs on them. If you’ve been arrested and charged with a drug crime, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer for help. You can check out the Law Offices of Tim Hartley online at Rockwallcountydwiattorney.com to see how they can help you.

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