Talk to Bankruptcy Lawyers in Waldorf, MD about Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If you wish to keep your home but have found out that you do not quality for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you still can resolve your debt problem. By opting for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can reduce the amount of your debts to one manageable payment each month.

Taking Away Some of the Stress

Chapter 13 is suggested by bankruptcy lawyers for people who make a regular income and can pay for their living needs. However, some of their obligations may be difficult to pay. By filing Chapter 13, you may only have to remit a small portion of your current debt load.

Preventing Foreclosure

To find out more about filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you need to speak to bankruptcy lawyers in Waldorf, MD who handle Chapter 13 filings. They can help you get out from under your debt as well as help you keep your real estate. If you are currently about to face foreclosure but wish to keep your property, you need to find out more about this process.

How to Proceed with the Process

When you visit a local law firm, you will need to bring some paperwork with you for assessment and filing purposes. This paperwork consists of bank statements, property deeds, and tax returns. You also need to bring your pay stubs from the past six months.

Bankruptcy lawyers that file Chapter 13 bankruptcies can assist clients by stopping creditor calls as well. Once the petition for bankruptcy is filed, creditors will not be able to contact you and harass you about paying a bill. In addition, part of your debt will be removed so you can afford your mortgage and avoid foreclosure.

It feels good when you can get rid of a large amount of debt with help from a law firm such as Christman & Fascetta LLC in Waldorf, MD. This is the way to experience a true sense of freedom, both financially and personally. Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can also help you meet your obligations for state and federal taxes. Whatever unsecured debts concern you now can be eliminated, with the exception of taxes and student loans.

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