FAQs That Personal Injury Attorneys Near Olympia, WA Can Answer

In Washington, personal injury claims are filed whenever a separate party is to blame for a victim’s injuries. The cases could include medical malpractice, dog attacks, product liabilities, and premise liabilities. Local Personal Injury Attorneys near Olympia WA can assist victims in filling the claims and seeking compensation.

What is the Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Cases?

The state of Washington enforces a three-year statute of limitations for all personal injury cases. The statute applies to all types of personal injury claims and the claimant’s ability to file a legal claim. Any failure to file before the third anniversary of the accident that caused the injuries is a forfeiture of the victim’s rights. The only exception is the discovery of complex brain injuries, and all claims against government officials must be filed within sixty days.

Could a Comparative Fault Apply?

Yes, the comparative fault ruling applies in Washington to hold any victims that played a role in their injuries accountable. Any evidence that shows the victim wasn’t blameless for the identified event could lead to a reduction in any monetary awards provided by the court. Percentages are applied according to the severity of the victim’s actions, and the court manages the deductions if the claimant wins their case.

Do Strict Liabilities Apply to Animal Attacks?

Yes, the state of Washington utilizes the strict liability law pertaining to previous knowledge of an aggressive temperament. The discovery of any attack reports involving the dog before the current claim deems the pet owner liable for the strict liability. In addition to paying the victim’s economic losses, the pet owner is required to submit damages for pain and suffering and other tort-based implications. It is also possible for the county animal control officer to seize the animal.

In Washington, personal injury cases give victims the opportunity to seek compensation from individuals and companies that cause their injuries. The claims provide compensation based on the total financial losses of the victim. The awards could include economic and punitive damages. Victims who need to start a claim can contact Personal Injury Attorneys near Olympia WA by visiting Putnamlieb.com and scheduling an appointment now.

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