The Connection Between Cancer And The Railroad Industry

The steam age stopped when diesel engines became powerful enough to drive locomotives and since the adoption of diesel as the fuel of choice, railroad workers have been subjected to very high concentrations of diesel exhaust, which has been proven to be a carcinogen.

Over the course of years, railroad workers have been exposed day in and day out to harmful exhaust which slowly, over time, has caused cancer. Cancer is a main cause of death in the developed world, railroad workers were not aware that their cancer was caused by on the job exposure to deadly fumes. Fortunately for these victims the Federal Employees Liability Act gives these stricken workers the right to hire a railroad cancer lawyer and seek compensation. FELA, which dates back well over 100 years was enacted to ensure workers have a sage working environment and if not, to sue for compensation.

It is not only lung cancer:

Although benzene was banned some years ago, anyone working with or near this chemical was at risk. Benzene is a component of diesel fuel; the fumes are inhaled in dangerous amounts by railroad workers. Regardless of whether benzene is inhaled or absorbed into the body through contact with the skin, it can and does cause cancer.

In early days it was believed that exposure to diesel fumes only resulted in lung cancer. Recent studies prove otherwise; the bladder, colon, kidney, bone marrow and more are at an elevated risk of forms of cancer. It is not only diesel fumes, there is evidence to suggest that creosote, which is used to protect railroad ties from rot and infestation may also be behind elevated incidences of skin cancer within the industry.

Since these illnesses have been caused by prolonged exposure to diesel exhaust and other products commonly found in the workplace, those affected can hire a seasoned railroad cancer lawyer and sue under the protection granted by FELA.

As a railroad cancer lawyer works on contingency it will cost you nothing to purse a valid claim, your lawyer is paid when they win compensation for you. You are welcome to discuss the details of your case with the lawyers at Diesel Injury Law.

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