Supporting Your VA Disability Appeal

If your claim for veterans disability benefits was denied, you are in good company. Close to seven out of ten of your fellow veterans are in the same boat. You have as long as one year to hire seasoned veterans benefits lawyer in Pennsylvania and appeal. The three most common points raised when appealing are:

* There is a difference of opinion over the existence of a disability
* There is a dispute over whether your disability has anything to do with your military service, and
* The level of your disability

What you need to include with your appeal:

You and your veterans benefits lawyer in Pennsylvania will want to study the reason given for the denial of your claim; your appeal will be targeted at providing all the available evidence on that particular issue. Chances are you will not take exception to the entire denial; there is no need for you to reinforce those issues that are not in dispute.

Filing details:

It is your choice; you can ask your local VA office to review your additional evidence first. If they don’t accept it you can appeal directly to the B of A, Board of Appeals. If you elect to go direct to the B of A you must waive the option of having the local office review it first. It is important to understand that the appeals process only applies to the decision that was taken on the claim in question. This is not the time to bring a new disability into the picture.

Statistics show that veterans that pursue the appeal on their own are less likely to be granted approval than those veterans that have hired a veterans benefits lawyer in Pennsylvania. It is not mandatory that use a lawyer but it is a very good idea and is highly recommended. You only have to pay the lawyer if he wins your appeal for you.

If your claim for veterans benefits is denied you have the right to appeal to the VA Board of Appeals. It is always best to hire a veterans benefits lawyer in Pennsylvania to guide the appeals process. You are invited to discuss your case with Jackson & MacNichol, Attorneys at Law.

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