This Little Used Tactic Can Help You Spend More Time with Your Child

The practice of family law is often fraught with emotional considerations, especially in cases that involve children. Many divorced parents understand the shortcomings of shared custody, particularly for those who are the non-custodial parent. Forging and maintaining a bond with your children post-divorce can be a lengthy schedule that has many stops and starts due to the limited time spent together.

Limitations of Being the Non-Custodial Parent

Kane County family law attorneys are aware of the many limitations that can come with being the non-custodial parent, such as inadequate time spent with your child to feeling as though you have little influence over the daily decisions that affect your child. In such situations, the quality of time spent together becomes even more important, and many parents welcome the opportunity to spend additional time with their child.

Securing Your Right of First Refusal

The Right of First Refusal requires the custodial parent to always offer you the option to provide any child care needs during the time that they have custody of the child. Kane County family law attorneys will help you to secure these rights and provide you the opportunity to spend more time with your child.

For example, if the co-parent needs to go on a business trip during their normal custodial time, they will need to provide you the opportunity to care for the child during this time before they seek childcare from a person outside of the family.

If your custodial agreement limits the amount of time that you spend with your child, Kane County family law attorneys can help you to secure further rights that will allow you more time to spend with your child.

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