Tips for Fighting Your Speeding Ticket in Fairfax County

Perhaps you are in a rush and aren’t paying as close attention as you should. Maybe you get caught up in your favorite song on the radio and suddenly find yourself going 10 miles or more per hour over the limit. Regardless of the reason, those flashing lights show up behind you and you know you’re in trouble now. Fortunately, there may be steps you can take to fight that speeding ticket in Fairfax County.

Be Polite

It’s tempting to argue your case right then and there with the officer who pulls you over. However, this will only create more problems for you. If you feel you need to ask any questions, be polite about it. Address the officer with respect and state your arguments in a calm, rational manner. In most cases, you will need to present your case in traffic court, rather than to the officer on scene.

Burden of Proof

The burden of proof for the validity of a speeding ticket in Fairfax County falls on the officer. They need to prove any questionable factors you bring up in court. If the issuing officer doesn’t appear in court, this often means the judge will either reduce or dismiss your traffic violation. However, if the officer does show, it will be up to him or her to prove you were speeding beyond a reasonable doubt.

Sometimes it’s best to work with professionals to fight your speeding ticket in Fairfax County. Visit the Nicewicz Attorney at Law website to seek help for your case.

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