Understanding How The Missouri Lemon Law Can Protect You

Many people wait for a long time before they can buy their first brand new car. In the majority of cases the vehicle is exactly what they had dreamt it would be but, there are also vehicles that give nothing but trouble from the first day. Fortunately, consumers that are dealing with a problematic car can fall back on the protection offered by the Missouri Lemon Law. The lemon law forces a vehicle manufacturer to honor the express warranty that is granted when the vehicle is first purchased.

The legal criteria and your rights:

The Missouri lemon law applies to vehicles that have been purchased as well as leased and they are covered by the new vehicle warranty. The law does not apply to commercial vehicles, vehicles designed exclusively for off-road use, motorcycles and the cabins of RVs and motor homes.

To qualify for protection under the law your vehicle must have had four attempts made to repair the problem or unavailable for your use for more than 30 days. If the vehicle qualifies under the Missouri lemon law you can either have a replacement or a refund of the price you paid.

Filing a complaint:

Prior to actually filing a complaint under the Missouri Lemon Law you must give the vehicle manufacturer one more chance to rectify the problem after you give formal notice. Once the vehicle manufacturer has received the notice they have a further 10 days after the vehicle is back at the dealers to make the repair.

If the problem cannot be rectified after the final chance the manufacturer must either:

* Offer a replacement vehicle of equal value
* Refund the original purchase price, or
* Dispute your allegation that the vehicle is a lemon

If the manufacturer decides to dispute the allegation you have two choices; you can sue the manufacturer in court or you can begin a dispute process via arbitration.

If you purchased or leased a new car in Missouri and you believe it is a lemon, under the Missouri Lemon Law you can either get a replacement or a refund. For complete details and a listing of lemon law attorneys you are invited to visit LemonLawAmerica.com.

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